Bosch offers a broad range of high-quality starter motors for on- and off-highway commercial vehicles. Whether for 12 or 24 V electrical systems, whether for diesels up to 72 liters or gasoline engines up to 144 liters, we always have the suitable solution for the most varied demands and special customer wishes. Light and compact in construction. Reliable throughout their entire long service life of up to 800,000 km on the road 14,000 hours in off-highway use.

Starter motors for 12 V electrical systems

With our series R78 and HX(F)95 we offer reliable starter motors for commercial- vehicles in the 12 V segment. Thanks to the four-pole multiple-circuit winding of our HX(F) starter motors, we have achieved a further increase in performance. The altered design of the armature and stator housing considerably improves coldstart performance. Their sturdy yet extremely compact construction protects these starter motors from vibration, dirt and water intrusion, guaranteeing a long lifetime

- For diesel engines up to 9 liters
- Starter-motor performance from 1.5 to 4.7 kW

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