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Bosch offers a broad range of high-quality alternators for 14- and 28-volt on-board system. The products suit a variety of on- and off-highway applications. They are made out of high-quality materials and components. According to their future application they are tested under extreme conditions. In professional operation – often in 24-hour operations daily – they ensure reliable on-board power supply for on- and off-highway vehicles with a large number of electrical consumers - even in case of extreme requirements.




Efficiency: improved efficiency

High power output (up to 3.4 kW at 28 V) with efficiency of up to 75% and a performance density of 1.05 W/cm3 due to improvements in the stator geometry and the magnetic circuit.

  • Lower fuel consumption (as low as 0.06 l/100 km)*
  • Lower CO2 output (down to 1.5 g/km)*
  • Low component temperature
  • Longer battery life

* by comparison with HD8

HD-E: Efficiency


Power: efficient for high power requirements

The option with higher copper-fill factor and improved winding geometry: for a further increase in performance (up to 4.2 kW at 28 V) and toboost efficiency to as much as 77%.

  • Lower fuel consumption (as low as 0.1 l/100 km)*
  • Lower CO2 output (down to 2.7 g/km)*
  • Extremely effective cooling

* by comparison with HD8



Long-life: particularly sturdy and with a long life

The HD-L(Long-life) generators feature larger ball bearings, strengthened end-shields and improvements in the brush/slip-ring and cooling system.

  • Longer B10 lifetime(up to 800,000 km)
  • Low servicing costs due to freedom from maintenance
  • Extreme robustness
  • Waterproof due to optional splash-protection package

HD-L: Longlife


Temperature: extremely heat-resistant

HD-T(Temperature) generators are fitted with special 'T'-type ball bearings. They are ideally suitable for use in buses, where temperatures in the engine compartment are generally high.

  • Heat-resistant up to bearing temperatures of 180 °C due to modified plastic cage and temperatureresistant ball-bearing seals
  • Low maintenance costs due to special, long-acting bearing grease

HD-T: Temperature
Belt Tension

Belt Tension

Belt Tension: for extreme belt forces

HD-B(Belt Tension) generators have a strengthened end-shield, larger 'A' ball bearings and a newly-developed cooling system.

  • Suitable for applications with high belt tension
  • Long life thanks to further improved components

Belt Tension
Hot Environment

Hot Environment

Hot Environment: for new generations of engines (Euro 6)

Equipped with an optimized ventilation system, high-temperature ball bearings and stator-insulation materials as well as temperature-stable ZR diodes.

  • Designed to run for 800,000 km* at an average ambient temperature of 85 °C
  • 1.2 million km* at an average ambient temperature of 65 °C

* B10 lifetime

Hot Environment

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