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DC Motors without transmission

The Bosch electric motors excel on account of an excellent power/weight ratio, as well as low noise volume and robustness. Choose a suitable motor from our portfolio or contact us for a technical consultation.

For proven quality, high reliability and a long service life
Bosch ECA-S2 engine actuator

Bosch electric motor without transmission

Ensure reliable performance in a compact design: The Bosch gearless motors excel at durability, robustness and high speeds at the lowest noise levels. Decades of experience in manufacturing of electric motors have led to the latest Bosch gearless motor generation which has proven million fold. They can be used for industrial applications in 12 or 24V.

Features and Benefits:

  • Different power densities available: To meet customer requirements in terms of efficiency

  • High standards in production and testing: For a long service life

  • Production in line with the original automotive quality guidelines: For proven quality and high reliability

  • Available hall sensor: For positioning or direction of speed feedback

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