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Are you looking for the right component? A suitable sensor or motor for your application? You've come to the right place! Our international industrial customer team of experienced engineers and specialists will be happy to provide you with individual, solution-oriented and system-oriented advice on your projects.

Bosch circulation pump for tap water

Warm feet.
As easy as ABC.

New Bosch circulation pump for heating applications

Demand-driven temperature control with PWM: Bosch 12V circulation pump. Easy mounting and energy efficient.

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Powerful and reliable

Electric motors and drives from Bosch

As one of the largest manufacturers of electric motors in the automotive industry, Bosch has decades of experience in the field of electric motors. The first wiper motor was launched on the market in 1926. Since then, this long-standing know-how has continued to flow into the development and manufacture of the extensive current range.

In 1992, anti-pitch technology was introduced to window lifter motors and the electrical coolant pump portfolio was released.

With a focus on technological development Bosch has released in 2008 a completely new electric motor for seat actuation. The design and construction of some specific components like: armature, magnets and gears contributed to a motor 40% lighter and smaller.

In 2011 Bosch has introduced a new technology for wiper systems, the wiper direct drive which reduced the spaces up to 75 % and weight in approx. 1kg when compared to the traditional mechanic systems.

In 2013, the new generation of pumps with brushless motor was introduced, resulting in 39% more energy efficiency and a longer service life.

All of these technologies and products are available in different voltage (12 V/ 24 V/ 48 V) also to industrial applications, on-highway and off-highway. Even more, the products are exclusively designed with additional features like: rotation speed control via PWM, bipolarity motors for changing the direction of rotation, wide range of power and torque including motors with and without gear.

Today, the business sector Bosch Mobility has more than 100 production plants and 230.000 associates worldwide.

Technical support materials for download

 Technical support materials for download

Are you interested in our electric motors, pumps or valves?

Please find the corresponding catalogs with technical product details in our download area. Brochures containing all available product variants are also available for relays, sensors, starters and generators.

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