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PCE2-XL Electric cooling pump

PCE2-XL cooling pump
PCE2-XL cooling pump
PCE2-XL cooling pump
PCE2-XL cooling pump
PCE2-XL cooling pump

For demand-based coolant flow: The second generation of the Bosch coolant pump PCE2.0 is characterized by its high efficiency, compact design and low weight. It excels with an increased power density and optimized noise level, which is crucial for use in hybrid and electric vehicles.

The brushless drive and the robust design support long operating times. The PCE 2.0 is thus predestined for heating and cooling applications of electronics or battery cells.

  • Degree of protection: IPX7, IPX9K
  • Operating mode: S1
  • Nominal Voltage: 12 V

Product Specification

Performance curve

Flow rate (l/h): 1000

Nominal pressure (bar): 0,94

Nominal Voltage (V): 12

Weight (kg): 0,46

Control: PWM

Medium: Water/Glycol (50/50)

Technical drawing

Please contact us if you need a 3d model!



  • TE Connectivity MCON 1.2 1488991-6 (with CPA),…-2 w/o CPA
  • Molex MXP120 34900-3102


  • Bosch 1 928 498 811
  • Tyco / Molex MCON 1.2 1670146-3 – Ag plated (20awg)
  • KOSTAL MLK 1.2 [32124734130]


  • Bosch 1 928 300 936
  • TE Connectivity 967067-1 (20 awg)
  • KOSTAL 10800507250

  • Integrated electronics with failure diagnosis signal: For an increased efficiency of the brushless pumps and a control of the volume flow via PWM signal
  • Extremely robust design: For a high power density, long service life and a motor attachment possible depending on the model
  • Proven construction in line with the original automotive quality guidelines: For a low noise development and a high temperature range of up to 125°C
  • Operating mode S1: Suitable for continuous operation

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