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AHC-D with hollow shaft

AHC-D 0390203399 without spindle 01
AHC-D 0390203399 without spindle 02
AHC-D 0390203399 without spindle 03
AHC-D 0390203399 without spindle 04
AHC-D 0390203399 without spindle 05

Bosch DC motors with spindle drive are the ideal solution for industrial applications where space is at a premium. The linear drives with high power density are characterized by robustness, durability and precise positioning.

  • Degree of protection: IP 50
  • Operating mode: S2 - S3
  • Linear movement
  • Nominal voltage: 12 V

Product information

Characteristic curve

Nominal power (W): 7,6

Nominal current (A): 4,5

Nominal speed (rpm): 145

Nominal torque (Nm): 0,5

Transmission ratio 18:1

Hall Sensor: Ja

Direction of rotation: Clockwise and counterclockwise rotation

Technical drawing

Please contact us if you would like a 3D model

Circuit diagram


Dephi 3023 6652





  • Linear positioning system: for precise adjustment tasks
  • Production in accordance with high automotive quality guidelines: for proven quality, high reliability and a long service life
  • Also available with Hall sensor: for position and direction of rotation detection
  • Operating mode S2 or S3: suitable for short-term or intermittent operation

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